Obtains stock symbols and relating information for SP500, AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ

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  1. Clone the repository and add to your site packages folder or use pip to install the module.

pip install finsymbols


>>import sys
>>from finsymbols import symbols

Methods available

  1. Call any one of the method available to get back the list of symbols and related information. Will return a list of dictionaries.
sp500 = symbols.get_sp500_symbols()


{'company': u'Xcel Energy Inc',
  'headquaters': u'Minneapolis, Minnesota',
  'industry': u'Multi-Utilities & Unregulated Power',
  'sector': u'Utilities',
  'symbol': u'XEL'},
 {'company': u'Xerox Corp.',
  'headquaters': u'Norwalk, Connecticut',
  'industry': u'IT Consulting & Services',
  'sector': u'Information Technology',
  'symbol': u'XRX'},
 {'company': u'Xilinx Inc',
  'headquaters': u'San Jose, California',
  'industry': u'Semiconductors',
  'sector': u'Information Technology',
  'symbol': u'XLNX'},
 {'company': u'XL Capital',
  'headquaters': u'Hamilton, Bermuda',
  'industry': u'Property & Casualty Insurance',
  'sector': u'Financials',
  'symbol': u'XL'},
 {'company': u'Xylem Inc.',
  'headquaters': u'White Plains, New York',
  'industry': u'Industrial Conglomerates',
  'sector': u'Industrials',
  'symbol': u'XYL'},
 {'company': u'Yahoo Inc.',
  'headquaters': u'Sunnyvale, California',
  'industry': u'Internet Software & Services',
  'sector': u'Information Technology',
  'symbol': u'YHOO'},

Support or Contact

Feel free to contribute or make suggestions, features requests. If you have any issues feel free to send a message to @skillachie